wms* (code name) is a secret product of .:there for design… and a new paradigm that’ll change the way designers and their customers think about websites; Once and for all. Zero-compromise.

Are you a business owner? This is for you.
Are you a freelance designer, design/web studio, or agency? This is for your customers.


Content Management Systems are not for you.

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) grow and change at a fast rate. They need a flexible website that mirrors these changes. A fully-fledged content management system (CMS). Except that a CMS that provides this flexibly is beyond the budget of SMBs. Additionally, a CMS like that requires a technical person to maintain it and update the content. This adds to the already high price. CMSs are made for Enterprises, not SMBs.

CMSs are mainly made by developers, making them confusing for non-technical people. If the website is to be updated by a non-technical person, say for example a secretary, then this secretary needs to undergo painful training on a system beyond their skill set.  Soon enough, a new secretary is recruited, and the painful cycle repeats itself. This is actually an ideal scenario. In a typical scenario, the business spends time and money on a CMS, the website goes online, and then… nothing. Remember those websites where the “Latest News” section says 2002?

SMBs don’t want to manage their content. They want to manage their website.
So why spend money and resources on a website that will not be updated?


What if?

What if updating your website is easier than sending an email?
What if the person updating doesn’t have to choose the font?
What if the person updating doesn’t have to choose a single color?
What if the person updating doesn’t have to worry about paragraph spacing, misbehaving text formatting, misbehaving images, image sizes, cropping, overlapping text and image, and all the pain associated with putting content online?
What if the full brand is embedded into the system?
What if a non-design/non-technical person can create online content that looks as if created by your favorite designer and developer?
What if you can have flexibility never before provided by page templates?

What if you can do all this with zero-training, zero-chance of messing up, and zero-compromise?


Finally. You can.

wms* : The first powerful and flexible Website Management System that’s actually a pleasure to use. Zero-compromise.

wms* is made by expert User Interface and User Experience designers, and offered to freelance designers, design/web studios, and agencies,  to resell to their customers. The websites we build are running on wms* too 🙂
You can have wms* for your business. Check out the TEDxBeirut website.

Email me (william «at» therefordesign «dot» net) to find out how it all works for your business or your customers.

Much love,

.:there for design…