A dear friend of mine read the first post of this blog and said:

‘I really like it, but you’re gonna have more visuals and less text from now on, no?’

Did you notice that as centuries go by, people read less?
And those of them who do read, actually just look through the visuals; Well, not all of them it seems, as the nice chaps at the UNESCO declared  Beirut as the World Book Capital for 2009.
So there must be still be people who actually read.

To celebrate this event, a partnership approach has been adopted to fund multiple projects on three levels:

  1. ‘Strengthening the Book Sector in Lebanon by supporting the various stages of book production and distribution.’*
  2. ‘Promoting Reading in designated places, such as schools and public libraries.’*
  3. ‘Adopting a Diversified Approach to Culture […] by opening up to the world through literary and intellectual events.’*

For those who are interested, we did get an inside hint:

Don’t aim too high, find alternative ways to do exactly what you plan to do but in the most cost efficient manner, and you will get the fund.

here  You can read more about the Fund.
here  You can read the Submission Guidelines.
here  You can download the Proposal Submission Template.

* from the Fund Submission Guidelines of the Beirut World Book Capital for 2009.