Welcome to the blog of the design studio that’s there for design … and for animals too!

Fortunately, the launching of our blog coincided with a very important and personal decision we just made. Sure you’ve noticed the Tag line: “the vegan design studio”, but this wasn’t always the case; It used to say “the freelance design studio”.

Being a Vegan myself I’ve been pondering on the idea of taking on non-vegan projects for a while now. We already have one major long term customer who’s products are full of dairy, and a week ago we got approched by another dairy company with a huge long-term project.

That was the catalyst. A decision had to be made.

And believe you me, this wasn’t an easy decision to make. It took a combination of meditations, near depressions, and no work done for 3 whole days to reach the verdict, and that was the easy part. The hard part is breaking the news to the customer. How do you approach a customer with such news, and you’ve been working together for the past 2 years, you understand their whole strategy, their brand image, their customers, their visions, and their dreams for their company? How do you approach a friend…

‘…how do you break free without breaking apart*’ ?

We decided to attend the meeting unmasked; With completele honesty, transparency, and while being true to our own convictions and ethics, and without trying to be someone else.

The customer had a hard time swallowing it, but was very understanding, respectful, and as supporting as one can be in this situation. We assured him we would do our best to help make the transition to the next design house as fluent as possible.

We are extremists, but we do understand that the line between vegan and non-vegan projects is a very feathered one. For instance, would you take on a medicinal drug package, or a cosmetics project knowing that testing was performed on animals?

Where would you draw the line, and what are some of the extremely tricky cases that would leave even the wisest ones undecided? Tell us what you think.

* from the must-see movie “Revolutionary Road.”